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Karavana Flamenca plays street flamenco style rumba flamenca (the popular music of the Spanish and French gypsies) as well as traditional flamenco and Latin styles. Flamenco guitars, up-tempo percussion and bass drive the rhythm, searing Spanish & Romani vocals sing the soulful flamenco melodies. “The words don’t matter when Ovejero sings, his voice is mystical, pure, heart-wrenching emotion”

Karavana Flamenca’s Spanish/Romani, Turkish, South American and Aussie members use rumba’s progressive style to create original songs that weave in Latin, traditional flamenco and Moorish influences. The breath-taking energy, upbeat rhythms, and soulful melodies of Karavana Flamenca spell gypsy fiesta every performance.

Authentic, exhilarating, heart-wrenching” flamenco music.